Williams Volunteer Firefighters Association

Rules of Conduct

Procedures and Supplemental

Revised March 14, 2005

Adopted May16, 2005

Amended May 21st 2007


Article 1 Membership…………………………………………………… 1

Article 2 Bereavement Committee……………………………………… 1

Article 3 Grievances……………………………………………………. 1-2

Article 4 Rules for Meetings, Drills, and Social Activities…………….. 2

Article 5 Standards of Conduct and Rules of Discipline………………. 2-4

Addendum A Fines or House Rules…………………………………………. 5

Article 1 Membership

Section 1. The Association will consist of a maximum of 45 members. All Regular, Senior, Probationary and Cadet members shall reside within the Williams Fire Protection Authority District. Expectations to the residence requirement of this section may be granted by the Command Staff and Association officers. Applicants for membership shall be a minimum of 18 years old at time of application.

Article 2 Bereavement Committee

Section 1 The committee shall have 3 members one of which will be the Association

Chair. The remaining 2 members shall be appointed by the Association


Section 2 The duties of the Committee:

2.1 They shall notify the command staff in the event of a funeral or other service that requires dress uniform.

2.2 Send flowers and card to a family in the event of death or illness. There will be a maximum amount of $250.

2.3 Association Secretary shall be responsible for sending memorial cards to families and donors.

Section 3 Dress uniform will be appropriate at funeral of active members, auxiliary members, exempt members, active members spouse or children, members of Colusa county Firefighters, Rural Fire Commissioners present and past, City Council Members and other fire departments.

Article 3 Grievances

Section 1 It shall be the duty of the membership committee to hear grievances and petitions and act upon them. In the case of personal grievances the following guidelines shall be followed:

1.1 Any grievance concerning association matters shall be made to the Chairman. If Chairman feels it is not a grievance the chair shall refer it to the disciplinary committee.

1.2 The Chairman will refer the charge to the membership committee.

1.3 The membership shall hear both sides of the grievance. If the matter is not resolved in this committee the charge shall be referred to the Department as a whole at the next regular meeting.

1.4 Any member having a grievance from the JPA will have the right of representation from the membership committee.

Article 4 Rules for Meetings, Drills and Association Activities

Section 1 It shall be the duty of all members to be prompt at all meetings, drills, and mandatory activities. Cadets shall not attend any event that requires the minimum age of 21 to attend such event.

Section 2 No member shall be excused from attending regular, special meetings or drills unless they have been excused by a command staff or chairman.

Section 3 No food or property belonging to the Association may be taken from the fire hall without consent of the Trustees. Leftover food may be taken with the consent of the chief cook.

Section 4 Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed when the present bylaws do not cover certain points or order.

Section 5 It shall be the duty of every association member to conduct themselves properly at meetings and other activities of the Department.

Section 6 Any member missing two consecutive meetings without being excused by a command staff or chairman shall be notified by the command staff in writing following the second absence and shall be automatically be dismissed if absent at the next meeting.

Section 7 Any member missing drills for two consecutive drills without being excused from a chief or command staff shall be notified by the command staff in writing and shall automatically be dismissed if absent at the next drill.

Probationary and Cadets shall attend a minimum of 60 hours per year

Regular shall attend a minimum of 40 hours per year

Senior shall attend a minimum of 20 hours per year

Command staff shall attend a minimum of 80 hours per year.

All members shall attend CPR and AED training.

Any member needing to make up training hours can contact a Member of the Command Staff to make arrangements to train.

Section 8 Any member violating Section 6 or Section 7 twice in one year will be automatically dismissed. All excused absences will be at the discretion of the Command staff or chair.

Article 5 Standards of Conduct and Rules of Discipline

The following article on Standards of Conduct and Rules of Discipline pertain to the operation of the Williams Volunteer Fire Association.

Section 1 Standards of Conduct. The following is a list of causes for disciplinary action. All members, including Probationary, Regular, Senior and Cadet fire fighters, shall comply with these standards of conduct.

1.1 Conviction of a crime that indicates unfitness to serve as a fire fighter or a lack of trust or honesty, or raises a threat to the public safety or of property damage;

1.1.2 A Cadet that consumes any Alcohol on or off duty.

1.2 Any conduct, action or omission unbecoming of an association member adverse to public service, tending to discredit the Fire Department and/or its members, or adversely affecting the operation, safety, health, or welfare of the Fire Association, or its members.

1.3 Incompetence or inefficiency;

1.4 Gross insubordination;

1.6 Willful damage to, waste of, or unauthorized or negligent use of Association property;

1.7 Theft;

1.8 Fighting with another fire fighter or association member;

Section 2 Disciplinary Procedures

2.1 Disciplinary action under this policy may be initiated by written complaint from any member of the Association to the Chair or the Board. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Chair shall schedule a meeting of the Board at the earliest convenient time, but no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint. The Chair shall notify the member who is the subject of the complaint of the time and place of the meeting at least ten days before the meeting. At the meeting, the Board shall hear from the complainant, other persons with particular knowledge about the subject matter of the complaint, and the accused member. The Board may also review and consider any relevant documents. Action by the Board requires a majority vote of those present. The Board proceedings shall be informal.

2.2 The Board meeting shall be a closed meeting; only the Board, the accused member, and persons with knowledge of the subject matter of the complaint shall be present. Persons with knowledge concerning the complaint shall only be present only to testify before the Board. The accused shall not be present during the testimony of others but shall have the right to hear the testimony.

2.3 After hearing the matter, the Board shall consider the complaint and the evidence, and determine whether any discipline should be imposed. The Board shall take one of the following actions:

2.3.1 Determine that no discipline or other action is appropriate;

2.3.2 Oral counseling and /or oral reprimand;

2.3.3 Written reprimand;

2.3.4 30 day or 90 day suspension of association activities, department social privileges and fire related functions.

2.3.5 Dismissal from the Fire Association

2.3.6 The level of discipline shall be determined by the Board in its discretion, and shall be based on the circumstances and severity of the offense, and the past history and conduct of the member. The Board’s decision shall be final.

2.4 The decision of the Board shall be rendered in writing. A copy of the decision shall be given to the member. No other copies shall be made. The original shall be maintained in a confidential personnel file.

Section 3 No Vested Rights. The association acknowledges that participation as a member of the Williams Volunteer Fire Association is a privilege and not a right. A member is expected to follow certain standards of conduct and the disciplinary procedures listed above represent guidelines which the membership believes are generally appropriate to govern the conduct of its members. They are not, however, mandatory, and confer no procedural or substantive rights of any of the members.

Addendum A Fines or House Rules

Amount Offense

$ .50 For having feet on chairs.

$ .50 For throwing money when paying fines.

$ .50 For sitting on tables during meeting.

$ .50 For leaning back in a chair.

$ .50 For not having badge. You must also answer the chair.

$ .50 For leaving the room without permission of the chair.

$ .50 For speaking more than five minutes on any one subject at one time.

$ .50 For speaking more than two times on the same subject.

$ .50 For not addressing the Chair

$ .50 For having liquor during meeting.

$ .50 For passing flatus.

$ .50 For swearing during a meeting except damn, darn, hell.

(It is permissible to quote another member in using profane language.)

$ .50 For advertising.

$ .50 For sitting on the counters in the kitchen.

$ .50 For missing both drills in a month or monthly business meeting without being excused by command staff or chair.

$ 1.00 For not writing the location of call on the board. The first member in the engine house is responsible for writing the location of the call on the board.

$ 1.00 For dropping brass.

$ 1.00 For parking in the alley and not leaving room for truck passage.

$ 1.00 For scraping truck on departure or returning to hall.

$ 1.00 For parking on Post Office lot.

$ 1.00 For not notifying head cook of guests.

$ 1.00 For not showing up to cook (without being excused by team leader or providing replacement).

$ 1.00 For driver leaving truck unattended.

$ 1.00 For not introducing guests.

$ 5.00 For eating dinner and not going to business meeting.

$50.00 For not attending Christmas Dance ticket sale day.

$1.00 For missing residences and not leaving notice during ticket sales

(This fine includes all team members)

$1.00 For going to the residence of a another teams member while attempting to sell tickets.

$20.00 Maximum fines per meeting with the exception of ticket sales.

$ .50 For wearing a hat during a business meeting or dinner.

$ 5.00 Spitting chew in washbasin, sink, or trashcans.

$10.00 For not setting up for an association function (Without being excused by

Command Staff or Chair.

$20.00 For not setting up or cleaning up after an association function without being excused by Command Staff or Chair.

$ 5.00 For placing cigarette butts or ashes in anything other than ash trays.

$ 1.00 For leaving garbage in an apparatus (water bottle, gloves, chew cans)

$ 5.00 For failure to remove Fire Department bumper sticker when no longer in possession of vehicle.