Chapter 6 Joint Powers Authority Representative and Alternate

6.1 Officers shall serve a two year term and be elected at the December meeting to coincide with other JPA elected official.

6.2 It shall be the duty of the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) Board representative to attend all meetings of the JPA Board and report activities to the membership at the regular monthly meetings.  The JPA Board members will represent the volunteer members in the governing of the Williams Fire Department.  It shall be the duty of the JPA alternate to attend the JPA Board meeting in the event that the regular JPA person cannot attend a meeting.  When attending a JPA Board meeting the alternate shall have the same authority to represent the volunteer members as the regular JPA person.

6.3 If the JPA officer should be unable to complete the term of office, the alternate shall serve the remainder of the term.  An election shall be held where a JPA alternate will be elected to fill the remainder of the term.  All elections shall be determined by a majority of the active members present at the next regular meeting after the resignation of the officer.