Chapter 8 Committees

8.1       There shall be a standing membership committee of the corporation. The membership committee shall consist of 7 members as follows:

  • a) 3 regular members elected by the membership.
  • b) 3 Command Staff members appointed by the Fire Chief.
  • c) President of the board of WVFA.

8.1.3    Give a monthly report as to the membership status of the corporation.

8.1.4    Membership committee is responsible for the election and ballot preparation.  Nominees shall notify the membership committee 2 weeks before elections on their intention of running for office.

8.1.5    Membership committee shall review bi-laws as needed.

8.2       There shall be a standing audit committee of the corporation.  The audit committee shall consist of the three trustee members of the board. The audit committee shall examine the corporation’s financial books and records as furnished by the Treasurer and report to the membership at the June membership meeting.

8.3       The trustees shall (a) take charge of the departments non-emergency equipment and property and see that it is properly maintained, (b) authorize reimbursement of lost or damaged personal articles resulting from operations of the department, and (c) hear grievances and petitions and act upon them in a manner which they feel.  In the case of grievances the following guidelines shall be followed:

8.1.1    Any grievance concerning professional fire fighting procedures shall be made to the Chief.  Any grievance concerning association matters shall be made to the Chair.

8.1.2    The Chief will refer the charge to the membership.

8.1.3    The membership committee shall hear both sides of the grievance.  If the matter is not resolved in this committee, the charge shall be referred to the association as a whole at the next regular meeting.  It shall be the responsibility of each member of the association to keep all grievances within the association.  Any member failing to abide by this rule will be subject to disciplinary action.

8.2       There shall be a Scholarship Committee consisting of 3 regular members appointed by the Chair.

8.2.1    Association shall contribute $500 annually.

8.2.2    Criteria for two scholarships. Applicants shall be immediate family member of (1) Williams Volunteer Firefighter association member (2) Exempt Williams Volunteer Firefighter Association member (3) Immediate family member of a Rural Commissioner past or present with 10 years of service to the Williams Fire Department. Applicants must have a G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher First scholarship in the amount of $750 will be awarded to a Williams High Student meeting the above requirements. Second scholarship in the amount of $500 will be awarded to a Colusa County student, including Williams High meeting the above requirements. Only one scholarship per applicant.